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The cursor blinked. 
Facebook Messenger hated me. 

The message read, "Please tell me you're not just hearing this from me. But she passed away and we need access to the records she had." 

My mentor had died in a fatal accident. Young. Mother of two. A friend. She'd been gone a week, and I had no idea.

I sat there staring at the screen. Tears stung as I fought the battle to keep them from falling. I couldn't let them stream in front of my kids.

I went on a walk and cried tears so ugly my neighbor had to check on me to ensure I was okay. 

But life had to go on. 

So the next day, I went to work at my chocolate company. As usual, chocolate stains and dirty dishes filled my day. 

Was this what I really signed up for? 

What I really wanted to do? 
Well, I really wanted to write a book. 

My mentor's death had become a clarity whisperer and now my work landscape looked completely different.

In hindsight, I now know I didn't believe that I could actually complete a manuscript. And I didn't believe that there was a place for me in publishing. I didn't believe I could land an agent. And I certainly didn't believe that readers would "get me."

That's a lot of not believing. 

But I still wanted to write a book. 

It took my mentor and good friend passing away unexpectedly for me to realize how little time we all have. One day she was showing me how amazing the foam can be on an extra-dry cappuccino (it's ahhhmazing) and the next day she just...wasn't here anymore.

I decided if I was really going to write my book, I needed to just DO IT. 

And I did.

I wrote my first book, The Honeymoon Trap, and it was published by a traditional publisher. Then I wrote another book from a trickle of an idea I'd had about alpha heroes in the jobs we'd least expect. What if, I thought, I took a biker who loves pyrotechnics and rock concerts and I made him plan weddings? What if, he was totally out of his element but doing it for a good reason? My biker-wedding-planner book, Going Down on One Knee, was born.

Going Down on One Knee is my most successful book to date!

This is the book that New York Times Bestselling Author, Lauren Layne calls, "An utterly charming opposites-attract-story. Hovland perfectly balances simmering sexual tension with a surprising amount of emotion, and the stomach-flip-causing ending is the perfect example of why I read and love romance." 

One of my favorite things in the world has always been a signed copy of my favorite books! 

I have a special shelf in my office that holds the autographed copies of my favorite stories. My collection spans from Diana Gabaldon to Kristen Ashley, Lauren Gilley to Beverly Jenkins.

There’s not a whole lot I love better than meeting my favorite authors and having them sign a book for me. 

There is just something special about a signed copy, you know?

I turn into a ball of fangirl Christina when I meet an author I adore.

Now that I'm a successfully award-winning published author, fans ask for signed copies from me! 

Funny how dark times can lead to joy.

While I can’t be everywhere to sign books,I'd love to send you a signed copy of the book that launched my career, Going Down on One Knee.

When you get your signed copy, as a bonus I'm going to include an exclusive printable recipe card of Velma's Chocolate Pie with your order!

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That time I met Diana Gabaldon… I was totally cool about it.
Narrator: She was not, in fact, cool about it.

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